Lobbying: Drinking Water Challenge pt.1

Lobbying for drinking water infrastructure improvement

The exterior of the Flint Water Plant in Michigan. Flint is in the spotlight as concerns over it’s water quality and lead content have made national headlines.

Funding for Drinking Water Will Remain A Challenge to 2037 & Beyond

The drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan heightened the public’s attention across the U.S. about the issue of the deteriorating decades-old drinking water infrastructure.  Along with the rest of America, Cansler Consulting watched as the crisis unfolded. Members of Congress, state and federal regulatory officials conducted multiple hearings and site visits to learn more about these challenges occurring in multiple municipalities throughout the U.S.  What they learned is, without future federal budget pressures, drinking water infrastructure issues are likely to remain prominent in the U.S. through 2037 and beyond. Lobbying and government relations are the most effective ways to apply those pressures.

U.S. Ports Critical to Global Competitiveness

With more than one-quarter of U.S. gross domestic product hanging in the balance, U.S. seaports need to be improved if they want to be more competitive in today’s global economy. Today, ports find themselves on the never-ending treadmill of maintaining efficient operations and installing costly infrastructure upgrades to maintain U.S. competitiveness. Fighting for survival in the middle of an economic recession will require an unique strategy that includes non-traditional public-private investments.